About Colony Dogs

Welcome! My name is Julia Banit. I a kind of a person who loves her pets madly. I have owned a Staffordshire Terrier, Pekingese and German Shepherd. Over the years since I began taking care of dogs, I have picked up a lot of diverse skills, tips and tricks. You can read more about this on my website.

When my Staffordshire Terrier started having multiple food allergies, I decided to dive deep into his nutrition to understand how I could help my dogs. Thus Colony Dogs was born.

Having done much research, I had to introduce a different diet to my dogs. And to my surprise, the internet is full of misinformation about dog nutrition. I’m here to dispel your dog food and diet myths.

The information you find on Colony Dogs combines my personal expertise and that of my staff with extensive research. The content is developed by veterinarians who have many years of experience in dealing with animal nutrition problems.

I founded Colony Dogs because I wanted to make it easy for dog owners and prospective dog owners to find the information they need to give their pups a happy and healthy life.

Julia Banit
Founder of Colony Dogs

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